For the love birds //

ALRIGHT - the comment I hear the most is, "we are kinda awkward in pictures, we do not know how to pose..." and my response is always, "I. got. you.". Trust me, I really do. I know being in front of the camera is never really natural for most people! SOO, my number one goal is to change that and to create an experience where you leave feeling confident and knowing how to pose with you and your boo thang.

As I was brainstorming and breaking down my sessions with my couples, a lot of things came to mind. I want to share the most important takeaways I think will be beneficial to those who book a session with me or if you already have and are just SO excited to use these tips ;)

I kinda broke this up into different parts to help convey what I really want y'all to get out of this haha. This first part will be directed towards sessions! The next part will be about just like casual, lifestyle posing/pics :) LET'S GET INTO IT -- first things first. Don't take it toooooo seriously. Allow yourselves to really have fun with this opportunity because lets face it, how often do we get to have professional pics done?? Not too often. My goal is to capture pictures that really show personality and the love between two individuals. So with that being said - create inspo for the session that tells your story. Rather it's from instagram, Pinterest, magazines (yes really), anywhere! Create mood boards but then add your own spin on it. Put together outfits that y'all can be comfortable in, that allow you to move around and completely let loose to have fun with it! You want to showcase your personality & story through these pictures, because thats what they are for. Second thing - PROPS. Is y'alls favorite food pizza? Chick fil a?? Do y'all skateboard together or maybe your boo does?? Bring itttttt!! Want a field, dreamy type session, bring blankets, books, picnic set up situation // fully be creative AND good news, is that I will help along the way ;) I will suggest anything that I think will be perfect once I get to know what vibe y'all want, etc!!! Lastly, do not stress. I will give you prompts and instructions to get poses going, then that's when it gets fun and unique. Every person and every couple are all so different, so when I give a prompt, you add your own spin to it by literally just the way you two interact with each other. It takes a bit to get comfortable in front of the camera, that's so normal. But, allow yourselves to sink into the moments and just pretend the camera is notttt even there. Magic will happen ;)

Okay, so this next part is kind of tricky because even myself, I get awkward in front of the camera (lolol I know). Whenever you are out and about with your man or your girl, you want to take pics because why not.. of course you do. Maybe for Instagram or Facebook for the fam, whatever it may be, everyone wants to see and take pics!!!! You probably have your go-to pose that is easy and quick - which is totally good too. My NUMBER ONE tip for this scenario is.... live photos. Turn that live camera ON and work IT. You get into your pose, then move around, look up at your man, look down over your shoulder, laugh at each other, etc. whatever you do, have movement! The amazing thing about having the live feature on (on iPhones), is that you can choose what you want the main image to be. Double win tbh... Like in sessions, the more you move around, the better. I promise. It doesn't look so "posey" & instead, it looks natural like you are just hangin out and someone is taking candids lol. No prom posing here ;) hehehe One last tip I have is as simple as using a mirror at your home. Put on your outfits and get in front of your mirror, kinda sounds silly, I know... But if this is something you really want to work on even before a session or just in general, it works!!! Start by your normal pose, then do the moving around, laugh at each other, don't take it too seriously, you will find what poses work and how to make it comfortable for you two. This part can even count towards a solo session.... which may be my next topic ;)

STAY TUNED // Love you all & thanks for being here,